It’s new year and back to it….

Well indeed, after all the festivities and sickness I have finally been struck with some desire to get stuck in again, plus the need to with a couple of jobs underway.  Post-Calor Gas incompetence, I have a heated studio again so can go back to wearing normal amounts of clothing and put away the hot water bottle.  This is how it roughly looks now (before the mice attacked and the houseplants got cold :():

Guild House Studio
It's got more stuff in now

Currently working on some wedding invitations for the end of the month, and another book cover.

Trying to get into InDesign a bit belatedly and lay out the book cover within that, rather than in Illustrator – might look a little more professional.  A great tip for layout from this guy, especially for a muppet like me: Books Covered by Tobias.  Not sure who Tobias is but I think he looks very helpful.

Those nice tax people have finally sent me a letter to say I am self-employed, how kind but a little late for Christmas n’est pas?

Ok hopefully some produce coming here again soon….well at least further adventures in baking and at film quiz at a MINIMUM.

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  1. Just thought I’d point out that when you click on the image above to see the large version, it’s rotated 90 degrees to the left 🙂

      1. You also have a slight mistake in the text, I believe instead of ‘desire so get stuck in again’, you meant to say ‘desire TO get stuck in again’ 🙂

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