Mutant albino alligators not found in Earls Court

It’s been a couple of weeks of culture.  Oranges and Sunshine, Source Code, and Cave of Forgotten Dreams last night – which was quite spectacular.  Had a little difficulty given the 3D sports style glasses over the 2D D&A milkbottles look but I quickly forgot given the nature of the images and incredible story of being in and experiencing the cave.  I think not only the most beautiful and fresh drawings, but also the idea that there are footprints and claw marks of long-extinct cave bears perfectly preserved in an organic time capsule, alongside all kinds of thousands of year old wonders, will really stay with me.

On a more prosaic level, to join in the Wittertainment debate I actually liked the 3D, there were a lot of moments where I realised I was sitting with my mouth open in disbelief, which must have looked attractive if anyone noticed.  BUT can they not do something about The Colour?  It reminded me of all the photographs my mum and dad have of the family from the late 70s and early 80s, which were processed by Trueprint and have now faded to a weird washed out tint.   Still seems odd.

Well today I went to the London Book Fair for as long as I could stand the migraine-inducing fluorescent light – I have established I don’t like Earls Court (the venue not the place, but that can always change).  However I did have a better time with the seminars, Anthony Browne vs Lauren Child, graphic novel renaissance and a smattering of Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson.  By that time I needed to get some fresh air.  Best thing to come out of it was finding out about this publisher, Nobrow Press who appear to make the most beautiful books, all sorts, and apparently really funny cushions.

That’s probably too much for one post so I’ll have to come back another night.

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