Death masks at the NPG

I went to the NPG store in Southwark (so really just up the road) to draw some of the incredible death masks that they hold.  I chose Benjamin Disraeli as I wanted an example of a head in wax… here is, looking like a bit of a Hammer horror villain!

Disraeli, by Robert Glassby – wax cast by John Theodore Tussaud
























I also had a good look at William Makepeace Thackeray, a blurred and indistinct face, I wondered if he had had a stroke as his mouth was contorted. In plaster this time and more like a relief (he had a hook on the top of his head for hanging). There was also a cast of his disembodied hand:

I will go back in a few weeks hopefully to do some more drawing, I find these really inspiring and I most certainly need some real examples for my Georgian story idea.  Great to be left to do a few hours in an air conditioned treasure trove!  Very many thanks to Tim Moreton for all his help, and for showing me many of the paintings in the store – plus the interesting conversation!

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