I recently made this leaving card for my manager at the BM – he had been there 34 years so had a special send off.  I made a pamphlet binding (thanks for the tips and materials Mum) and hand lettered the front cover, directly on to the cloth.  With an indestructible and rather heady-smelling gold pen.  The ‘Alan Breck’ illustration was in pencil originally, scanned and digitally coloured, and then printed by trusty Photobox in a matt finish.  I wanted it to look like a reproduction, something slightly boy’s own and old fashioned, and I’m pretty happy with it.  Glad I took the time to recess the illustration by adding a piece of card with the oval cut out, to the front board.  I wish I had glued the cloth better as I had a few bubbles, but I don’t think it’s too bad for some late night guerilla bookbinding:

Kidnapped bound card
Illustration close up
Bound with cloth and marble paper end papers

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