J is for Jinjina, and getting the Juice back

Well a happy new year to one and all!

I appreciate it has been a long radio silence from me unfortunately, for many reasons – nursing a certain person through a hip operation, a very intensive period at work and a double chest infection. Meh. Anyway, new year, new start.

Here’s another name picture I did at the end of last year for some close friends, for their friends’ baby Jinjina. One parent is Dutch, the other Ghanaian, so I tried to incorporate both elements and words and places from both countries:

Pitt artist pen and watercolour
Pitt artist pen and watercolour

I’ll be back on the case again very soon with the last illustrations for the Curzon Project, lots of sketchbook work from a Bath field trip and a special wedding invitation for some very special people!

‘Til the next time, stay classy…

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