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Well hello and happy Thursday – and here is the wedding invitation that I mentioned a little while ago!

It’s for a very special couple and was a real pleasure making it for them, not only because they are lovely people but also because they are creative, individual and interesting, and they inherently selected a venue that reflected that.

And one that was a gift!  Full of great and graphic type, history and architecture.  Initially I had a nose around Trinity Buoy Wharf to take some photos, and this is how the name text on the reverse came about, from the lovely painted typeface used on a wall to announce the wharf:


I thought about various effects, lens flares and that kind of nonsense to try and incorporate bright colours into the idea that they wanted, but came round to thinking that actually something less flashy and obvious would work better.   I worked from my own photo of the wharf lighthouse, and asked them to take a semi-ridiculous one of themselves pretending to hold a flag.  Hopefully that was worth it!  The original pencil illustrations were scanned, tarted up and layered in Photoshop with areas of bright, isolated colour which were chosen to chime with the flowers and decoration to come on the day.  To me, it also felt like a good reflection of how they are:

Main invite illustration
Main invite illustration
Invite reverse - for name and venue details
Invite reverse – for name and venue details

For obvious reasons I haven’t included the full text here but it was a fairly light serif font which fitted in with the detailed nature of the illustration.

Text sample
Text sample

They also wanted a stamp to use in various ways and which would carry the theme through the reception – so I came up with a line version of the flag to use as wedding branding!

Stamp design
Stamp design, date redacted

I was pleased with the result – as always there is something I notice immediately that niggles – but more importantly I think the bride and groom-to-be were happy.  Comments coming in so far seem to be very positive.

And J ♥ J – thanks for asking!  Hope this travels with you into a wonderful lifetime together.


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