Barbe Bleue

Last week I saw the new film by Catherine Breillat, Barbe Bleue, based on the Perrault fairy tale.  There was a lot of mention in the reviews about it being ‘Angela Carter-esque’ which really appealed, as I love her short story The Bloody Chamber (thanks Anne :)) and the fairy tale reworkings.  There was certainly the menace and stillness, some truly beautiful vignettes and a lot of humour especially from the two little sisters reading and commenting on the story in an attic.

Perhaps because I had the AC story so firmly visualised I felt a bit cheated at certain points of drama.  But this was compensated by an ambiguous and unexpected shock.   And the painterly image of the young heroine tenderly stroking the severed head – no spoilers here, you can see that on the Guardian website – really stuck with me, at least for the bus-ride home:

Weirdy beardy tenderness

Next week…

Inception at the IMAX!

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